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Following government requirements and guidelines (issued 24/06/20 for guest accommodation including holiday lets and B & B) we are planning the following:

•   24 hours + between guests departing and the next ones arriving (therefore transmission via either airborne droplets or soft surfaces between guests is very unlikely.) 

•   Ventilate the property if at all possible between guests. 

•   As owners, we will ensure hand washing before and after entering guest rooms 
and/or handling items in the guest accommodation. 

•   All laundry (bedding, towels, tea towels, oven gloves, bathmats etc.) will be 
washed at 60 degrees. 

•   All used glasses, crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils will be removed and 
washed in the dishwasher at 60 degrees or over. (Overnight guests, who may use only a limited range of utensils, will be asked to wash used items and leave them on the draining boards to indicate what has been used.) 

•   All hard contact surfaces and handled items will be cleaned with regular cleaning materials followed      by disinfectant or anti-viral spray. 

•   All cloths used for cleaning will either be disposed of safely or washed thoroughly at a high              temperature. 

N.B. Government guidelines do not advocate precautionary use of PPE (“It is not necessary or beneficial unless there is a situation where the risk of Covid-19 is very high.”) Therefore, PPE will not usually be worn at Arborne House. 


Before and as guests arrive we will:

•   Ensure that all guests’ contact details are recorded in case needed for Covid track and tracing. 

•   Check a few days before arrival that all guests are healthy and not displaying possible Covid-19 symptoms and have not been contacted by NHS track-and-trace officials. (In this case, all payments will be refunded.) 

•   Provide hand sanitiser for guests to use on arrival and departure. 

•   Leave keys, cleaned, inside the property. 

•   Welcome and relate to guests at appropriate social distance. 


During visits, we will:

•   Ensure that guests have our personal contact details and information about what to do if a guest becomes unwell, i.e. details of local doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, A & E and so on. 

•   Advise and support guests if they suspect that they or another member of their party has caught Covid-19. (See details below.) 

•   Gently ask guests to focus on hand-washing/sanitising before using communal areas and before using chip+pin facility for payments. 

Arboyne House communal areas used by guests will be cleaned daily.
Guests will be asked to set on one side for cleaning items used in the communal spaces.

On leaving, guests will be asked to: 

•   Put all rubbish in bins outside (sorted into recycled and non-recycled). 

•   Wash used cutlery, crockery and glassware (see above for overnight guests) 

•   Leave any books or leaflets, maps and games used with the last 2 days on a 
table for us to ‘quarantine’. 

•   Place all used bedding and towels in laundry bags provided. 

•   Let us know when you are leaving. 


If guests become unwell with possible Covid-19 symptoms, we expect and request that guests act as follows: 

•   Inform us of their concerns as soon as possible. 

•   Self-isolate all guests in their group. 

•   Arrange for Covid-19 tests ad let us know the results as soon as possible and 
co-operate with NHS track and trace. 

•   For confirmed cases, return home to self-isolate there if at all possible. 
Mike and Sue will offer all possible advice and support. 
Due to the additional costs incurred by us in this case, booking payments will be refunded.